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Manufacturing Supervisor

Company: AISIN Electronics Illinois, LLC
Location: Marion
Posted on: August 7, 2022

Job Description:

Job DescriptionThis position reports to the Assistant Section Manager and is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the manufacturing section. The Shoku-Cho position is considered semi-skilled, meaning that a level of certification, experience, or a combination of the two is required. Performance excellence in all areas as stated in the Expectations Form are assumed for this position. ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Supervises multiple team leaders and fill in as acting team leader during absences. Responsible for Quality, Cost, Delivery, Safety, & Morale in his/her overall area of responsibility. Belongs to a salaried, "exempt" category.Review ADP, ensure clock-in/out times are accurate, correct errors. Required to have knowledge of fair labor practices.Creation of standard work & die change check sheets for new products. Responsible for production scheduling and control.Ensure three point set is being followed & updated daily. Monitor employee performance.Monitoring OA daily and correcting low OA conditions. Teach and enforce rules and regulations.Leads cabbage patch / perfect line activities. Written and verbal evaluation of team members and team leadersCompletes purchase orders for materials necessary for production. Correcting negative employee behaviors.Track team vacation and grant vacation based on section policy. Resolving and preventing team member conflict.Make call concerning overtime and track team information accurately. Overseeing team member training, initial and recurring.Promotes a customer first attitude among team members. Directing the problem solving activities of the manufacturing area.Analyzing and continuously improving scrap ratio. Analyzing processes for continuous improvement.Analyzing and continuously improving OA and OEE. Improve overall product quality. Manage standard work & die change check sheet kaizen & correction. Determine and prepare section training requirements and plan.Assist in troubleshooting and ensure line readiness for team Responsible for verifying entries on worksheets in area of responsibility. Responsible for promptly taking corrective actions when an "abnormality" has occurred and implementing stop-call-wait in area of responsibility. Responsible for accurately assessing and developing the skills of team members and Han-chos.Collaborates with the HR department, assists with investigations and and is involved in disciplinary actions for team members and Han-Chos. Supports the efforts of other sections within the company to achieve goals and targets. Perform all duties in conformance with appropriate safety and environmental standards. Will perform other reasonably related tasks within the Company as required by the Ko-Cho or Management. SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITIES Will monitor production, OA, quality, scrap and employee behavior and direct activities to achieve and maintain the targets of the section. Works closely with team leads to provide support and advice so they can successfully complete each of their responsibilities. Conducts evaluations and completes promotional matrices in accordance with AEIL's policies. Directs activities to reduce lost time, planned and unplanned downtime, and reduce scrap; follows up frequently to encourage progress. Monitors temporary staff and makes recommendations regarding their employment. Reports downtime in accordance with the trouble solving guide; engages maintenance and PE to assist with minimizing downtime. Communicates with other sections regarding the needs of the manufacturing team; receives concerns from internal customer as well. Analyzes issues thoroughly and provides solutions to management for final review. Coordinates with maintenance to resolve equipment issues, reports excessive downtime to Ko-Cho in accordance with trouble solving rule. KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES Knowledge of automotive electronics manufacturing.Excellent cooperative personality. Knowledge of the Toyota Production System.Excellent organizational skills. In-depth knowledge of AEIL manufacturing equipment and processes.Ability to think for the Company. Must be responsible and have good attendance.Ability to lead, motivate and manage others. Excellent written and verbal communication skills.Ability to interact well with coworkers. Excellent time management skills.Ability to accept and give constructive criticism. Must have advanced knowledge of production concepts (three point set, lean manufacuring principles: JIT, Kanban, Heijunka, built-in quality). Must be capable of self-managemet; doing what is necessary to complete responsibilities without constant follow-up from management. Ability to understand, follow and implement posted work rules and company procedures. Ability to function independently without requiring assistance from, or disturbing the work of others. QUALIFICATIONS, EDUCATION & EXPERIENCE REQUIRED Must be on AEIL payroll at the time of the posting (> 90 days of service).Applicable experience in manufacturing. Management experience required. Associate's degree or equivalent experience desired. Electronics experience desired (automotive field preferred). Some travel may be necessary, willingness to obtain passport required. ATTITUDE, DETAIL, CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT, & RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT Expected to lead by positive example; maintaining composure even in difficult situations and always communicating respectfully.Must maintain a positive attitude & approach to conflict, responding to team member concerns while encouraging calm.Must must be detail oriented, keeping good records of events, creating accurate schedules & recording employee overtime and vacation.Expected to continuously improve their management skills and enable the development of the skills of their team.Expected to maintain positive organizational and external (vendor & supplier) relationships by striving to build good-will.WORK ENVIRONMENT Some dust, noise, oils, greases, grinding debris, compressed air, metal shavings, propane, solvents and occasional heavy lifting. Exposed to hazardous machinery and/or conditions that could result in injury up to and including a fatality if safety measures are not followed and adhered to. Exposed to shop elements such as noise, dust, odors, fumes, oils. The performance of this position normally requires exposure to a typical manufacturing areas where under certain conditions that require the use of personal protective equipment such as Safety Glasses with Side Shields and/or Safety Shoes. Primary environment: Temperature of work area may be affected by outside temperatures and machining. Industrial lighting provided. PHYSICAL DEMANDS / REQUIREMENTSThe physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.Physical Demands / Requirements (0-33%)(34-66%)(67-100%)1. Standing X 2. Walking X 3. Sitting X4. Lifting (weight 25 lb) X 5. Heaviest Weight Lifted (55 lb) X 6. Carrying (weight 25 lb) X 7. Heavy Weight Carried (25 lb) X 8. Pushing/Pulling X 9. Weight Pushed/Pulled (10 lb) X 10. Climbing X 11. Balancing X 12. Bending/Stoop X 13. Crawling X 14. Reaching X 15. Reach Above Shoulder X 16. Work Above Shoulder X 17. Walk on Uneven Ground X 18. Fine Manipulation X 19. Gross Manipulation X 20. Simple Grasping X 21. Power Grip X 22. Hand Twisting X

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